Building Market Leaders

Our portfolio of healthy brands have been developed to suit the needs of active and busy individuals and families through offering nutritional convenience to suit any occasion and lifestyle. Our commitment to developing the highest quality products based on market research coupled with our experience in branding and marketing has allowed us to experience rapid growth within the health and wellness impulse sector.

Our key brands sit within 3 high growth need state sectors that we have identified as:

  1. High Protein Health
  2. Breakfast-To-Go
  3. Beauty From within

The UFIT high protein range

The UFIT range has quickly become one of the leading lifestyle protein brands in the UK. Packed with the goodness of protein, added fibre, vitamins and minerals, UFIT and UFIT PRO50 have led the way in opening up the protein snacking occasion to lifestyle shoppers.

The original UFIT range is designed to support the demands of an active lifestyle and offers more than just a protein shake for those who are regularly on the move and who seek a healthy option. UFIT contains 22g or protein per bottle, is low in fat and contains no added sugar, it is also enhanced with essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. UFIT has a widespread and unisex appeal due to its accessible design and consumer messaging.

UFIT PRO50 was designed for those who may require a little bit more protein during the day and can be consumed as a single serving or over two separate occasions. UFIT PRO50 contains 50g protein, is naturally rich in amino acids, low in fat and contains no added sugar. UFIT PRO50 is also further enhanced with valuable vitamins, minerals and fibre.

UFIT Breakfast

UFIT Breakfast is the most convenient breakfast product available. UFIT Breakfast was the first ‘liquid breakfast’ product to enter the UK market and has since experienced explosive and sustained growth as busy individuals and families continually seek out easy and nutritious breakfast options.

With UFIT Breakfast you can have a healthy breakfast literally anywhere at anytime with no preparation whatsoever. UFIT BreakfastUFIT Breakfast is unique in the sense that it has the best nutritional profile of all breakfast drinks on the market as we continue to uphold our values of nutritional excellence.

Collagen+ Beauty Milk

Collagen+ Beauty Milk is truly unique collagen beauty drink enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger fighting protein! Collagen+ Beauty Milk is a world’s first of its kind and can be enjoyed at breakfast or in between meals as a versatile, healthy snack.

The science behind Collagen+ Beauty Milk is based on collagens unique ability to sustain tendons, skin and cartilage and the benefits of consuming collagen as opposed to using it in the form of a cream. By consuming Collagen+ Beauty Milk users are able to nourish the inner layers (dermis) as well as the outer layers (epidermis).


UFIT plant protein offers a delicious high protein vegan option for those following a vegan diet or those who are taking a more 'flexitarian' approach to their diet. With 15g protein in each bottle from high quality pea protein, carefully blended with nutritious coconut milk, UFIT plant protein can be enjoyed anywhere at any time. If you miss your breakfast, are peckish in between meals or just fancy a delicious and nutritious drink, you will enjoy this tasty creation!

Healthy Snacking

UFIT Crunchers offer the ultimate high protein and healthy on-the go snack in the form of a delicious high protein popped chip. UFIT Crunchers offers the taste and crunch of traditional crisps but without the unhealthy fats and unwanted calories. These delicious crunchy snacks are bursting with flavour and have been popped instead of fried allowing you to enjoy at any time of the day or night to boost the protein content of your diet and to help you fill the hunger gap with goodness.